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Triambika Ma Vive
Lead facilitator

Soulful Sexuality Coach and founder of the Ecstatic Awareness Institute, Triambika Ma Vive has been featured on playboy TV and on the cover of Raw Attraction Magazine. She teaches spiritual sexuality globally, helping men and women to heal, gain confidence, learn to have extraordinary sex and create healthier relationships overall. 

A natural facilitator, Trambika brings her depth, intuition, passion, and magnetism to he work. She's a lead facilitator with the International School of Temple Arts and the co creator and lead of the ISTA Practitioner Training, offering paramount trainings for sexual healing practitioners throughout North America, Israel, Australia and Europe.

Harnessing her extensive training and practice with the Time-Honored tradition of Tantra, human sexuality, Nondual spirituality, masculine and femenine dynamics, NLP, and body-based modalities including yogic therapy and bodywork, she helps her students to reach authentic sexual freedom and to form fulfilling relationships that support the highest expresssion of who they are.

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Leticia Aravena

Leticia is a modern day Dakini & Temple Priestess, Somatic Initmacy Guide, Performing Artist, WET mentor for Spanish/English speaking mentees, and ISTA Organizer seeding the landing of the Temple trainnings on the lands of North and South America.

She stands for love, freedom, intoxicationg self-love & pleasure, which takes embodiemt - for the soul and body to integrate congruently, shaking off limiting beliefs that don't serve us anymore...for reclamation of ones power.

She is here to support humanity on how to integrate all the sides of the self: the dark & the light, the feminine & the masculine, the mother & the whore and any other of the many polarities that exisit to create ones specific flavor of fully embodied human.


One thing of importance to her is in spreading love, awakeing & planting seeds in places where it's most needed by sharing, educating & helping to contribute bridging the gap between minority groups with those w/ more privilaged living, access and attendance within ISTA trainnings. By contributing to bridging this gap, the important work that is seeded by ISTA and most needed in the world right now, such as spirituality and sexuality being two expressions of Life Force, as well as educating the importance of a world where humans have peacefull, delightful, shameless, fearless, & loving relationships w/ their bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds, spirit, and mother earth, can spread more vaslty through-out humanity.

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Juanes Es Alzate 


Since 2008, Juan has been working with shamanism to effect healing change in his life and the life of others. This work has taken Juan all around the world, working and training with shamans from China, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and throughout the USA.  Juan has trained and is experienced in; psychic intuitive development, Reiki, Akashic Records, Yoga, Kungfu, Tantra, Transformational Psychology, Holotropic, and Shamanic Breathwork to name a few.  Juan completed the core of his shamanic training with Alberto Villoldo at The Four Winds Society in 2012.


Since  2017 Juan has been diving deep in the Tantric Arts becoming a faculty apprentice with ISTA-International School of Temple Arts, completing all courses offered, with 500+ hrs. of studies. Juan is dedicated to bringing shamanic and tantric healing to all humanity, especially those who are ready to go on and take responsibility for their own healing journey.

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Ria Yoshida


Ria is an Author & Relationship Coach. She has helped CEOs and business leaders around the world 10x their sex lives and intimate relationships. She is committed to getting her clients results and uses a multidisciplinary approach to her work including evolutionary psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy, and sexual shamanic healing that activates conscious embodiment. Ria earned her Master's degree in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and founded her private coaching practice.

Ria began her ISTA journey in the deep jungles of Hawaii in 2016, where she found immediate resonance and a true calling to raise sexual consciousness across the globe. In 2019, Ria organized and seeded the first ISTA training in Japan. She is born and raised in Japan to a Japanese Buddhist father and a Jewish American mother. She has straddled multiple worlds and dimensions from a young age. She travels worldwide to deepen her temple practices with a passion for bringing the kundalini magic home sweet home in San Diego, CA, where she currently resides.

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Juliana Rojas


Juliana was born in the Colombian Caribbean. She always proudly highlights her origin and ancestors as a state of the Soul, in which the enjoyment of the here and now is privileged.

A liftime of exploring diverse forms of expression and healing through theater, voice, cooking and the achemy of sacred plants. Even today, she continues to educate her self in all of them, highlighting the twelf years she has been exploring a voice philosophy created by Alfred Wolfshon, as a tool for creative exploration and healing.

Juliana es earth in the acestral Mayan wisdon; air, she has the eagle as her animal power; water, she is Scorpio; and fire, wait to meet her!

She alternated her studies with the production of high impact cultural events and film production.

From a very early age, she knew, that she came to this life to explore Sacred Sexuality and thanks to ISTA, she has found the piece that was missing to be able to sbe in service of others. In this community she has found the possibility to continue exploring and to continue advancing in awakening of consciusness in herself.